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Customer Testimonials:

"The concrete pouring buckets we purchased from iwi were the smartest purchases we have made in at least a decade. Our previous buckets were in-house made, 1 yard, manually opening buckets. We upgraded to a 2 yard, hydraulically opening bucket. This greatly increased productivity by 10% and decreased safety risks by eliminating the manually opening aspect. iwi was also able to customize the height and color of the bucket which made the choice very simple in which bucket we should purchase. I highly recommend these buckets to any precaster." 

Aaron Ausen/Dalmaray Concrete Products


"We purchased our first hydraulic concrete bucket from iwi 4 years ago. We like the ease of operation this bucket provides. Gate control is very good allowing for regulation of gate opening ensuring steady flows. Gate closes tight preventing any leakage during transportation. Another added benefit these buckets have provided is worker safety. These buckets allow for the individual to open and close the gate from the safety of the ground or on an adjacent ladder to observe flow. This prevents workers from having to stand on the formwork or ladder while trying to open and close the bucket via the old-style handles. Battery holds enough charge to get through a day's operation.  At the end of the day, we plug it into a trickle charger and it is ready for the next morning. The bucket has held up great. We liked the 2 yard center discharge enough to buy a second 2 yard bucket with offset discharge."

Andrew Hayward/Panhandle Concrete


"The buckets we purchased through iwi have been a game changer in our facility. It has dramatically helped cut down the over pours, time cleaning off molds, time airing up tanks, and climbing on ladders to pour product. Overall it has been a huge safety improvement as well as a practical improvement for maintenance and production. The employees love the remote capability and treat it like a gaming system with the crane remote in one hand and the bucket remote in the other. The younger generations hand dexterity is quite impressive and has really made a more enjoyable task while pouring in their eyes. The only thing missing is a Michigan M below the jaws, I may recommend that in our next purchase!"

Dean Wolosiansky/Lindsay Precast