iwi group Mist System

iwi group's Cold Water Mist Curing System has the following outstanding characteristics:

  • Low cost of operation
  • Low capital investment
  • Very easy installation procedures
  • Control panel is solid-state electronics
  • Control panel is pre-programmed for ease of operation
  • Easy change of curing conditions (different kilns can be set to different conditions if required)
  • Stepped moisture injection (provides best curing with lowest moisture)

Mist curing has come of age. Concrete product plants across the world have been switching to this low cost, high performance curing process in steadily increasing numbers over the past ten years.

Fuel savings have been phenomenal. Curing costs are negligible in many cases. And even when cold weather is present, only having to bring your curing rooms above 90o F (32o C) will save large sums of money.

Quality has been monitored and cold water mist curing has provided equivalent or better product quality in almost every test. Color uniformity is improved because high temperature bleaching of colored architectural units is eliminated. And with iwi group's programmed stepped misting cycle, moisture introduction is kept to the proper minimums, reducing the potential of any wet product problems at the end of the cycle. We do caution you in the use of fly ash and other pozzolanic additives but even these have been satisfactorily used in many instances.

Please fill out the questionnaire below for a quotation based on your own kiln system. All we require is the number and dimensions of your kilns and your water pressure. And if you just want to call and talk about the overall aspects of mist curing, we will be happy to do that too.

But don't put off considering this curing technique. It is a technology you need to know about.