Terms And Conditions for Buying and Selling Used Equipment


Procedures and Terms for Buying, Selling & Listing Used Concrete Equipment


There are no charges for the listings. There are no exclusive requirements although we do provide special mailings and promotions for sellers if an exclusive is given. Call for further details.

All funds MUST go through iwi group. If the buyer pays the seller directly and the seller does not pay our commission, the buyer is held liable for the commission.

Unless otherwise agreed to by iwi group, L.L.C., Sellers shall pay iwi group L.L.C. a 10% commission of the final selling price after payment is received from the buyer provided that iwi group L.L.C. was involved in establishing the contact. Note: If other equipment that hasn't been listed is sold as a result of the contact, iwi group L.L.C. will also receive a commission on those items.

iwi group, L.L.C., provides no guarantees nor warranties with any used equipment purchase.  We recommend visiting the used equipment and inspect it before purchasing!

iwi group L.L.C. does not own the used equipment that is listed but is acting as a broker in bringing buyer and seller together. All equipment listed is subject to prior sale and availability. All information provided is believed to be accurate but iwi group, L.L.C. is not responsible for any errors, changes, or misrepresentations which may arise.