New Product - MoClip - Concrete Spacers











Principal corrosion and concrete deterioration protection is in the concrete cover over the reinforcement. Therefor material integrity of the concrete cover must be maintained.

iwi Group is a reseller of concrete spacers with wet-cast, high-performance concrete in various shapes to maintain the material integrity of the concrete cover. Placing rebar is quick, easy and accurate with the various fixing methods on the spacers.


As the majority of silos are not pressure rated vessels they can rupture at pressures as low as 1 or 2 psi. Without adequate safety systems in place sites risk fatal injury to staff, damage to equipment, product loss and environmental pollution - not to mention hefty Health & Safety fines. Therefore silo protection is essential for avoiding the risks of over-pressurisation and overfilling. Guidelines from the Mineral Product Association (MPA), the HSE and DEFRA all make clear the importance of a reliable, testable safety system that is kept in optimum condition through regular servicing.