Used Pipe Machines: Dry Cast


Hawkeye Pipe Pro Dry Cast 3 Station pipe machine (2005?): with tooling 12" - 48"; includes 20 ton bridge crane with 76' 1" span. Call for more info and specs

Price: P.O.R.

Hydrotile/McCracken 120" Dual-station Hyrdo-Pak: no forms

Condition: F
Price: $29,500


Schlusselbauer Exact 2500 (1999): automated, complete with tooling for 12-inch thru 48-inch diameters, SO Joint, have complete inventory of rings, jackets and cores

Year: 1999
Condition: F
Price: $500,000

Vihy (Hawkeye) Simplex 96-inch x 12-foot pipe machine: complete with 54" thru 96" x 8' tooling, single offset joint

Condition: VG
Price: $98,500