Used Mixers: Other


Cast-Pro: mixer and batching, uses bulk bags, good for small precast or cast stone

Condition: G
Price: $20,000

Davis UD 5 paddle mixer (2003): 30 cu ft capacity, blends free flowing materials up to 100 lbs per cu ft & up to 3000 lb batches,15 hp motor w/10 hp chopper motor side mounted to disperse materials. Includes FirstKlas packing bagger with auger

Year: 2003
Condition: E
Price: $25,000

Liebherr Model DW 2.25 twin shaft mixer (2003): 3 yard output

Year: 2003
Condition: VG
Price: $38,000

National Engineering Simpson Mixer-Muller: Model 3F, carbon steel construction, 8' diameter shell, 90 cu. ft. working capacity, (2) Mixing Blades (no wheels), pneumatically operated discharge, stainless steel crib extension and cover, heavy duty gear box with 75 HP motor, Style UD, approximate overall dimensions, 96" diameter X 42.5" deep, working capacity at 33% of volume will blend approximately 4.0 tons of dry sand or similar material. Mixer can also be used for wet aggregates, such as making concrete blocks, of mixing granulated by-products with cement. Mixer weight approximately 20,000 lbs.

Condition: F
Price: $4,000


Ross (1990's): Mixer Systems 1/2 yd mixer, Removable bins for refilling. Manual operation. 2 Coneco augers, 1 dual cement bin for gray & white cement, Bag houses for each bin, fluffer attached to cement bin,6 agg bins with movable weigh scale. As put together, 52’ long, 12’9” wide. The Agg Bin stand is 8’6” tall, Agg bins 5’8” x 7’1”x 8’10 tall, Cement bin is 17’7” x 12’9” x 14’9” tall.

Condition: G
Price: $40,000


Simem Model MSO 12000 Twin shaft mixers (2 units): one is 2004 the other is 2006, 12,000 liter capacity (roughly 10 yards), has 4 75 HP motors, taken out ready to move

Condition: G
Price: $90,000/ea


Simem Model MSO 4500 twin shaft mixer (1999) (2): 4 yard, mixers have 2 75 HP motors.

Year: 1999
Condition: G
Price: $60,000/ea

Stone 95CM: 8 HP Honda gas engine

Condition: G
Price: $2,256

Wignet 500R (2006): Reversing drum mixer, powered by a 220V 3-phase electric motor

Year: 2006
Condition: G
Price: $15,000